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Talent and experience in IT and management services

Nowadays, in the current market of professional services, it makes small sense to be general purpose and to keep hundreds of employees covering dozens of different subjects with no integration.

The “Big 5” golden years appear to be over and many customers realized they would have gained better results with a different approach. Sometimes, splitting IT investments in smaller, more focused projects, and using specialized third parties, could have delivered better value.

Talenta Mart is working with a small number of selected business partners, similarly sized, strongly specialized in subjects complementary to our Core Business.

We have always been used to successfully manage programs and projects, requiring the coordination of several external professionals and third party companies like software and hardware vendors, outsourcing companies, and Customer personnel.

We believe that Customer participation to the project team is the real key success factor of teamwork, and the best warranty that the resulting know-how will remain indeed an intellectual property of the Customer.

Furthermore, we are building beneficial direct partnerships with the software vendors of the products we know and support.


Collaborations and partnerships

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