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Talent and experience in IT and management services

We believe that the business model proposed by major consulting companies is not anymore attractive for the market.

Back office activities involve far too many departments and take too much time, resulting in long times between the problem, the proposal and the resolution. Paradoxically, the high rates paid by the customer put up obstacles and barriers to the delivery.

We bet to be able to produce high quality deliverables at a lower cost for the Customer in a shorter time.

In a lean and quickly responsive team, hierarchy must be reduced: three operational levels - Managers, Senior Consultants and Consultants - can create positive synergy and allow for better communication among them and with the proper levels of the customer’s organization.

Our partnerships with a network of services companies give Talenta Mart the firepower of a major company, without needing non-productive top management. The criteria for selecting our business partners require them to grant the same delivery standards we offer.

All our people are pushed to develop excellent interpersonal relationship skills, positive attitude giving them the ability to work in continuous contact with the customer. Which enable them to share their competence and to acquire business knowledge. Happily.


Our Project Model

“Slim” and “lean” are our favorite keywords: no excess in hierarchy, no redundant managers, more spread responsibilities, more communication between consultants and Customer, to increase the value of the project through knowledge sharing and users’ training: the success of the project is a common goal.

Therefore, our approach to project structure involves only three levels: the Manager, the Senior Consultant and the Consultant. Our international scope requires all levels to be fluent in one or more foreign languages.



Ten years of project activities and acknowledged international experience are necessary to become a Manager.

Product knowledge must be deep and experienced at both functional and technical levels, and planning and project management abilities allow the manager to keep the project in control.

Excellent skills in communication are mandatory: a Manager must be able to properly address almost any level in the customer project structure.


Senior Consultant

We need a Senior Consultant to have at least six years of experience in projects. He or she must have a wide variety of competences, and can deliver maximum value in a particular business area.

The Senior can work in full autonomy when necessary, is familiar with the best practices of major business processes, and has enough experience to address quite a lot of issues quickly and seamlessly.



Although less experienced, our growing staff is nevertheless required to have three years of project experience, in either technical or functional areas.

They have a strongly focused knowledge, and their goal is to widen their competence

Our People

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Talent and experience in IT and management services