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The integrated vision of ERP and Business Intelligence tools is one of the key points of our mission and a basic component of our methodology.

We donít believe BI can repair any defect in IT systems, whether integrated or not, allowing fixing misalignments and poor data quality. We believe the ERP must hold excellent data, ready to be further elaborated and optimally presented by the powerful data handling tools available in the BI systems.

On the other hand, the ERP reporting abilities are often neglected or underestimated, although in some areas they could effectively cover the requirements.

In our deliverable-driven approach to IT projects, our conclusion is very simple even if challenging: running BI activities integrated with ERP ones can boost optimal exploitation of both systemsí capabilities and allows for better allocation of project resources.


Our Strategy

Our multifunctional culture naturally leads us to deliver ERP-BI integrated solutions: we require and expect our project teams to create solutions using all opportunities offered by the systems involved.

This strategy matches the software vendorsí winning paradigm of openness, realized by avoiding proprietary solutions and delivering preconfigured solutions ready to be used by major BI software suites.

We are well aware of this trend, and ready to exploit it to fulfill project requirements quickly and effectively; integrated knowledge is not an optional for us: itís our way to the satisfaction of the customer.


Our Solution

The project team structure we recognize as most effective is built around the concept of interdisciplinarity: Customersí business control managers and functional area key users work closely with ERP senior consultants. These latter verify the full coverage of the reporting issues, thanks to their BI knowledge, and communication will be made easier by the consultantsí ability to speak the language specific to the different functional areas.

Such a team will be able to

 Deliver on-time and on-budget, including business reports and queries usually relegated in separate, postponed projects.

 Release a highly consistent solution in terms of both data and procedures, integrated and intended to stay integrated in the future.

 Avoid unnecessary customization to be applied on the ERP, resulting in lower cost of support and upgrades.

Innovation and Methodology

Talent and experience in IT and management services

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