Talenta Mart

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Our Mission

It’s quite difficult to summarize in a single statement, what our company aims to do. Therefore, we try to describe it with some “mission items”:

· “Second Wave” meant as clever fine tuning and optimization of poorly integrated areas of the ERP system.

· Advanced training on those troubled areas in order to allow users to fully appreciate the optimization proposal; Consulting work conducted close to the key user, allowing for a significant growth of his/her specific system knowledge;

· Cut redundancies and unnecessary hardware and software costs by supplying consultancy and support for better leveraging the existing IT investments;

· Business Intelligence solutions harmonized with the ERP transactional systems, avoiding overlaps in both data and infrastructures, through an innovative methodology of integrated deployment;

· Focus and attention on the systematic delivery of clear documentation of all solutions and their interrelationships.

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Talenta Mart S.r.l.

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