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Intervention Areas

The scope of our services can be classified in 3 main groups:

· Strategic area of information system planning

· Execution area of implementations

· Long-term partnership with the Customer


Services at STRATEGIC level


IT Advisor for the system strategic plan

Scenario / Need: company willing to undertake a large re-organization of its IT system, through a series of innovative projects

Service: analysis of as-is and to-be scenario focused on the Information Technology related systems.

Main deliverable: detailed strategic plan.

Team: this consulting task is usually executed by a Talenta Manager together with the company IT director. Information and support from other managers of the customer might be required



Scenario / Need: company willing to revise a specific process area of its management IT system.

Service: this consulting service consists in a critical and innovative revision of the required process area. It usually involves an assessment of the current state of usage and reliability of a specific IT application.

We can also perform technical assessments, by analyzing the technical structure of programs as well as the overall technical architecture by either certifying their validity or by warning the Customer about weak points or logical gaps.

Main deliverable: a set of recommendations for improvement and optimization. Having these activities performed by a third party adds value to the deliverable which will be more impartial and unbiased.

Team: it is formed by a Manager or by a Senior Consultant and its work is based on a series of interviews to managers, key users and end users, who benefit of or are involved with the assessed IT application.


Feasibility studies

Scenario / Need: company evaluating in detail a specific hypothesis of implementation of a new functional module or a new software release.

Service: through these interventions we are able to give precise indications to the Customer about the convenience and the opportunity to implement a new module/set of customizations/ /release offered by the software vendor.

The Customer is involved again only in interviews about the assessment of the current situation of usage, satisfaction and coverage of the functional requirements.

Main deliverable: recommendations on procedures and estimates of further services required.

Team: this is a mainly functional activity, sometimes with a technical component. Therefore we propose a multifunctional team, coordinated by a Manager. In simplest cases, a single manager can deal with the whole activity.


Advanced Training

Scenario / Need: company investing on its own resources, thus willing to increase its intellectual capital.

Service: this service is based on planning and execution of education sessions, accurately addressed to specific groups of company users. The training will be focused on specific topics, deeply analyzed through theoretical lessons and practical exercises on the IT system.

Talenta Mart teaches specific thematic subjects, acquired in depth by our consultants thorough years of work and experience; for sure you won’t find them in any standard Training Calendar of the Software Vendors.

Team: the specialist on the training subject: might be a manager or a Senior Consultant.


Services of the EXECUTION area



Scenario / Need: companies who need skilled consultants for new implementations or set-up of new modules

Service: we deal with these activities by a project approach. Therefore we offer design, execution and test phases together with the related documentation.

Main deliverable: on-time and on-budget Go-Live

Team: the size and expertise of the team will depend upon the project scope: our added value is the ability to keep it small, thanks to our multifunctional approach.

Also, all the project phases will be conducted by the same team.


Release upgrade

Scenario / Need: companies who need a specialized partner for software upgrades

Service: these activities may require great care and experience, when performed in a customized environment. We offer the porting as recommended by the vendor and the estimate of customization retrofit work, necessary to replicate existing functionalities.

Main deliverable: go live of new release, with all the functionalities approved for porting.

Team: the size and expertise of the team will depend upon the amount and areas of customizations.

Our added value is the ability to streamline it, thanks to the double (technical-functional) expertise of our consultants.



Scenario / Need: companies willing to solve the gaps between their ERP system and their business practice requirements.

Service: in many cases, we could experience that customers found the same gaps. We have a number of “almost ready” solutions, allowing for a quicker and safer delivery.

Main deliverable: go-live of the required functionalities and related training.

Team: a single Senior Consultant can usually take care of all the activities related to the delivery, at the customer site if required.


Issue Resolution

Scenario / Need: companies willing to close issues, sometimes dragging themselves along the years.

Service: we understand this is among the most qualified services we can offer. When an issue stays for years, it means that neither users nor consultants were able to find a suitable solution.

We offer both the analysis and the delivery of the solution: due to the nature of the task we only work on a Time & Material basis.

Main deliverable: go-live of the required functionalities and related training.

Team: we propose a Manager or a Senior Consultant to perform the analysis. An additional technical resource of the highest profile might become necessary in most challenging issues.

The commitment and active participation of users is a key factor of success: they will also benefit of a much valuable training on the job and see (and learn) the problem-solving abilities of our people.


LONG TERM Services


Temporary Application Outsourcing

Scenario / Need: companies experiencing a temporary lack or shortage of internal resources in specific business areas.

Service: we offer full or part time resources either with technical or functional background on the medium-term basis of 2 to 6 months.

The person will work under the customer management and control, to perform a well-defined task, like an internal employee.

Main deliverable: to be defined for each required activity

Team: a single resource or a resource pool, according to the needs

Application Management

Scenario / Need: companies performing HR rightsizing, or requiring a third party specialized support for non-core businesses.

Service: Talenta Mart offers Response Line and Help Desk services on existing applications. In addition, we offer analysis and estimations for delivery of solutions for new issues.

Main deliverable: the Service Level Agreement precisely defines the expectations to be fulfilled in terms of response time.

Team: users will address their requests to a unique response center which will activate the proper consultants.


Remote Development

Scenario / Need: any companies with development needs.

Service: similar to the Application Management, but focused on development activities. All development will be realized remotely, thus relieving the customer from office and equipment costs.

Interfaces, data conversions, reports, small customisations, SQL activities are within scope of remote development.

Development requests are gathered, analysed, estimated, queued for execution after approval and delivered.

Main deliverable: development activities and related schedule

Team: a pool of developers, coordinated by a Manager, executes the requests. The customer will only pay for the approved estimates, plus a fixed contract fee.


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