Talenta Mart

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Talenta Mart is a private company headquartered in Italy with European geographical scope: we offer consulting services to local and multinational companies, which have already implemented ERP and Business Intelligence systems, in order to redesign their information systems and eliminate mistakes and redundancies that dragged themselves along the past.

In order to be supportive and successful in this delicate process, Talenta Mart conceived and experienced an innovative approach, based on the mutual participation of Customer and consultant in the system reengineering and on the subsequent empowerment of the Customer's key user to become the real system owner.

In our vision, Business Intelligence is not always meant as a separate and pure technical project. The BI implementation should match exactly the methods and logics used by the top management to read and get the picture of their company business. According to this approach, BI can be closely combined with the ERP system, which represents its main source of data, offering implementation savings and improving data integration.

Our Distinctive Qualities

The distinctive characters within our organization are fully reflected in our consultantsí talent:

 High professional level, granted by tutorship of Senior coaches.

 Knowledge curiosity and will to extend their base skills into other areas of expertise

 Personal loyalty and high priority assigned to the work ethics

 Our consultants learned that this talent must be used to assure to the Customer the best delivery of our services. Pure professional skills must therefore be coupled with

 Full commitment towards Customerís objectives;

 Constant effort of comprehension and acquaintance with the Customer specific business and organization

 Short reaction time to any request / issue raised by the Customer

Our Vision

Talenta Mart S.r.l.

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E-mail: info@talentamart.it

Talent and experience in IT and management services