Talenta Mart

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Our Company

Size and development plan

Talenta Mart is a young company, founded in 2004: our current headcount consists in 15 people, plus a number of external partners supporting us on other, non core business, areas. Although having ambitious objectives, the company wants to keep a lean dimension and structure, and itís more committed to deliver high quality than to revenue figures. Small dimensions are key to maintain agility, flexibility and focus on our innovation project. Therefore our business plan foresees a moderate growth to 20 employees in 2008 and then to 30 units by year end 2009.

The values of our Corporate Culture

The list of our corporate culture values is quite simple; it is all based on human value.

The consultant is our key asset and therefore we aim to his/her excellence. Therefore the top values looked for and rewarded in Talenta Mart are:


 professional ethics,

 loyalty and personal integrity

 in depth professional preparation and study

 strong commitment to invest in continuous professional growth

 managersí motivation through purchase of company stocks


spirit of service towards the customer

Talenta Mart S.r.l.

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