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Formerly The GL Company, InsightSoftware.com  designs real-time productivity tools that bring visibility to information residing in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Insight® provides a wide-ranging set of solutions to optimize business processes throughout your organization. This means you have better insight to information in your:

Financial, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Information Management applications to manage your business more effectively.


Optimize your business processes with Insight®. Be better at:


Inquiring and reporting on any dimensions of your data for complete insight into your operations

Summarizing and combining large volumes of records in real-time for faster reconciliations

Drilling down to live transaction detail to further investigate or reconcile issues

Showing and pivoting information in tabular report form or with charts and graphs to make quick and accurate decisions

Highlighting exceptions and variances to proactively manage or change a process

Publishing and pushing inquiries to business users with ERP security intact

Exporting inquiries and report packs via Excel or PDF while ensuring data relevancy and integrity


All of this can be done in real-time. The right people get the right information, right when they need it.





Top 10 reasons why customers love Insight®

Designed for end users

Online, real-time information

Exceptional performance

Intuitive and easy to learn

Accesses ERP data directly

Honours ERP security

No additional IT infrastructure

Installs in less than 1 hour

Pre-packaged solutions

Immediate return on investment


Product whitepaper could be found HERE

More information at www.insightsoftware.com

Insight Software

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