Talenta Mart

Talent and experience in IT and management services

Our History

"Talenta Mart" name and logo remind everybody our main objective to represent a state-of-the-art repository of all the experience and talent built through years in the Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence information systems.

Talenta Mart is developing its challenging project, gathering and attracting among the best consultants working in Europe in the ERP arena.

We offer a full set of services ranging from IT strategy to implementation, from technical development to long term collaboration partnerships with the Customer through application maintenance, outsourcing and remote development.

Our target Customers are companies who are keen and sensitive to improve their information system by committing their people’s time and abilities and leveraging our experience in such scenarios.

Talenta Mart is born as a second generation consulting services company.

The business vision of our founders relies on a wide, multi-year experience of projects brought to success, together with a significant track record of satisfied Customers.

Working in major consultancy firms and in software vendor organizations, our core group of consultants could appreciate positive and negative sides of their market approach and delivery methodologies.

We believe that continuous training programs, internal knowledge management, best practices application and Customer satisfaction focus, are among the key values of our business and our people.

Our challenge is to keep the good business patterns, while avoiding heavy structures and excess in specialization, often causing major difficulties in communication among functional areas.

Talent and experience in IT and management services

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